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2 annoyances with rhapsody.

my work computer’s IP address belongs to a re-allocated IP block. so rhapsody thinks i’m in europe and won’t allow me to browse the mp3 store. compounding this, i sent a friendly message to their customer service saying:

hi, the mp3 store keeps kicking me out, saying that i’m not in the US. it looks like the RIPE db is out of date, but here is a current whois from NS: [link to network solutions whois db]

i am, in fact, in the SF bay area. i don’t know if you can remove it from your filter or not, but i thought i’d bring it to your attention. thanks!

the response i got was [insert overseas tech support complaint here].

thank you for contacting customer support. i’m sorry to hear that you have trouble accessing music in rhapsody mp3 store as it says you are not in u.s. certainly, i can help you with that. rhapsody tracks are available for purchase and playback within the united states only. [link to support page re: how to renew your IP address].

i hope this information helps.

not only does it totally not help, but as a support item it has now been completely dropped far short of its intended audience.

and second: the rhapsody player for droid won’t scrobble to this is actually the bigger issue for me. there’s an app that is supposed to bridge the gap, but it doesn’t seem to be working – possibly a versioning issue. so no rhapsody scrobbling for me.


and third: DRM – really?


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