the twisted gardens of the mind

gross, really?

ladies bitch about men’s bathrooms. it’s totally deserved, by the way – they’re frequently horrid. like many guys turn into ralph fucking wiggam the moment they unzip.

case in point: dudes who pick their nose while at a urinal. really? that’s fucking disgusting. i’m sure you do the tenth-of-a-second washing of your hands afterward too. oh, you’re heading off to lunch now?

you may ask how it is that i’ve discovered such a disturbing fact – quite easily, dear reader – from the build-up of boogers crusted on the divider between the urinals. stay classy, guys. it makes me embarrased to be part of this half of the species.

might i add that this is the 23rd floor of a large, secured office building in downtown san francisco? now, i’m not germ-phobic, but this makes me want to use a tissue to call the elevator.

yuck. just yuck.


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