the twisted gardens of the mind

the new DIF list

after some discussion, i’ve decided to add a “die in a fire” list to the blog to showcase those members of our species who need to die in a fire. and sooner, rather than later.

  • sarah palin: do i really need to explain this? it’s a surveyor’s mark! oh, and it annoys me to no end that she is described as “former US vice presidential nominee sarah palin” – when did failing miserably at something become a prestigious sounding title?
  • michele bachman: i’ve already covered this one.
  • jeanmarie guenot: for being a twatty stick-in-the-mud pilgrim. seriously, you move into a neighborhood with (multiple!) night clubs and then complain about the sound. really? why don’t you take your crackerjack box ph.d. and run your little venture capital evil bullshit out to brentwood with all the rest of the wanna-be bankers.
  • charles and david koch, and scott walker: for not only taking a huge shit all over what little of democratic process remains, but trying to blame it on everyone else.
  • shawn hannity: for being such an amazing tool and douchebag. if you got your nose any further up newt gingrich’s asshole, your feet might turn brown. i am especially fond of your implication that (a) the president >= the UN security council for dealing with the libya issue; and (b) for crowing about the number of vacation days the president has taken so far (as of aug 2010, 70 vacation days, whereas bush had taken 225 vacation days by the same point in his presidency).

the list will be ever-present to the right side of the blog, and will be updated when people deserve to be added or crossed off.

oh, and because i was annoyed to find this out: bush ended up spending 977 days on vacation over the course of his presidency. i’m going to assume this includes weekend days away, because if not, it would be like taking off EVERY OTHER DAY.


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