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excel is NOT a database! and other dirty tricks…

excel is NOT a database. don’t use it like one. now that that’s off my chest…

bitches who need to be dead

fr** phe*** and the rest of the westb*** bapt*** chu***. you all know who i’m talking about. linked from an article about elizabeth taylor’s passing was the twitter of @margiejphe***, who has not only announced that the w.b.c. will picket taylor’s funeral, but is relinking every story about her own twitter about picketing the funeral. as if every disbelieving commentary is a successful paid advertisement for her organisation’s hatred.

does anyone remember the south park episode the death of eric cartman? cartman eats the skins from an entire bucket of KFC (the best part!), after which the rest of the south park gang ignores him. eventually, cartman begins to believe that he has died and become a ghost.

why can’t we apply this same principle to the phe*** clan? time, the village voice, the rest of the pundits and news sites out there are matching them up to every part-time troll on the internet. why can’t we just ignore them until they implode? i’m counting myself in this as well. reading some of this insanity is infuriating, but i think what makes me just as angry is that i feel manipulated into being angry about it. i want to be dismissive, but it’s so inflammatory and so vile that it’s hard to look away.

mar 11: amazing day of god’s wrath… god is cursing japan for worshiping [sic] false god buddha.

oh, and this one from another of the phe*** clan:

mar 24: god shakes the nirvana out of myanmar (burma) today. buddha has fallen and it can’t get up. fatty.

seriously, WHAT THE FUCK. that makes me want to ignore them with business end of a baseball bat. repeatedly.

i feel dirty for being upset by it, but there it is. even though they all deserve top placement on the die in a fire list, i won’t put them there because i don’t want to have to look at the names.

wow. as i’ve been writing this, i’ve had twitter scrolling along on another screen. this woman does not stop. her profile says she’s an attorney, but i think twitter troll is more accurate.

[sections of this were written yesterday]


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