the twisted gardens of the mind

the itch(es) you can’t scratch

i scratch you in the eyes!
  • rhapsody:
    1. the player launches all crazy and when comcast burps, it freezes the pane.
    2. when the pane freezes or i click the wrong thing or whatever, it wipes my playlist.
    3. they still think my office is in europe.
    4. the player for droid needs a wifi connection. needs. so having the app on my droid is fairly useless unless i’m sitting at home. in which case, i’d be playing music from my computer.
  • comcast. for burping. loudly, often, and at length — you are the homer simpson of internet service providers.
  • trolls, for being (besides the obvious annoyance) a quandry. one of my other blogs has caught the eye of a serious net troll – one with a 4+ year long attention span (which is like half a century in net’time). i have a feeling that i might be able to leverage this into some notoriety for that blog. or it could just be a lot of annoying work.
  • spam trolls. putting #Droid in a twitter update should not net me a zillion offers for free phones, to be a beta tester for phones, or any other such nonsense.
  • wordpress, for suggesting that i “wow my iPad readers”. fuck iPads. fuck steve jobs (i have your joan baez backstage pass, jerk!). and
  • fuck apple too anyway. why? because apple sold YOUR souls, and not only made a zillion dollars but turned you all into sheep. #SheopleMakeDecisionsNotInTheirOwnBestInterest
  • fischerspooner, because i don’t want to like you, but i kind of do.
  • and finally, ants. for trying to invade our home.

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