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security, wifi entitlement, sending, and dates

this week’s annoyance round-up – technology edition:

1st: wordpress had a security breach – don’t forget to change your password!!

2nd: a lady sat next to me on BART with an obviously new iPad. that in itself annoyed me (not only do i hate apple the company, i’m not even that fond of apple the fruit). as the train slid from el cerrito del norte, heading towards san francisco, she desperately jumped from open wifi to open wifi in a somewhat useless attempt to read her email. every time the train moved out of reach of whatever open network she had latched onto, she would make a snorty disparaging sigh, open her wifi config, stare at it in disgust for a moment, then connect to the first new open wifi net that appeared. her little noise rapidly drove up the volume of the music i was listening to.

3rd: the new [compose] button on my gmail. i’m not usually a complainer about new tech features, but i miss the old compose link. the button is the same color, shape, and size as the [send] button and i keep hitting it by accident.

4th: a client of ours used a date/time stamp as the primary key of a database table. as we were importing the data, i found that a supposedly unique field was not. sadly, it actually was: my import had clipped the 100th’s of a second out of the stamp. yes, there were unique records (about 1%, but still over 10,000) that were separated from the next unique record by 2/100 of a second.



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