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Today’s Suckfest: Arianna Huffington and Lateness

I don’t know what slow boat I was on; what drugs I may have been snuck, or what rock I was napping under….but when the hell did Arianna Huffington sell the Huffington Post to AOL.  AOL?  As in AOL Time Warner?  As in the world’s leading media conglomerate and information redactor that she has been railing against for like 8 years.  Did she spend some time in a pod? What other reason can there be?  Oh, 315 Million reasons it seems.  315 Million Dollars should make her feel more secure than her piddly 35 Million in the Bank.

Update:  Will just came home and informed me that everyone already knows this (and that I knew too) CONSPIRACY of LIES! Regardless is all raises the question….why is no one filled with the Rages?

She has pissed off scientists (check it out); the Newspaper Guild, and well….moi.

Arianna is a Pimp.  She’s out on the street cashing in by selling something that doesn’t even BELONG to her.  The HuffPost’s best asset (besides its now tainted name) is its content–and the content is provided for free by Bloggers.  Bloggers who donate their time and energy because they want to create a space where you can hear news of interest to progressives/lefties/anarchists/and yes hippies.  And now they’re working for free for AOL Timewarner?  PIMP!

So, Arianna Huffington will become the first so-called Lefty to be placed on the Die In Fire list.  And to all of you who didn’t call, text, post, tweet, share, email, or yell this travesty to me…You may be next.


In search of authenticity

Today, someone I barely know, pointed out in the most gentle buddha-loving way possible, that I “rely on excessively violent imagery” in my communication.  Truthfully, I do know her.  Her name is Val and she’s a client who has reached out for consultation several times this year.   A lovely and kind woman with great intentions and generous thoughts.  Perhaps it is more accurate to say someone who doesn’t know me.

Now before you jump to my defense (as I’m sure you were preparing to do) there are three things you should know:

  • I have a flip chart labeled DIF in the middle of my office with a revolving list of names on it.  DIF stands for Die in Fire.
  • I brag about making people cry.
  • I know (with a certainty usually reserved for evangelicals) that I would have lower blood pressure if I had immunity to punch people in the face .

I’m not a terrible person, I just have terrible thoughts.  And while I may not give those thoughts free reign of my hands, I do give them free access to my mouth.  I’m a firm believer in a free range id.  As for Val?  I told her I was working on being my most authentic self…and then I added her to the DIF list.