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getting rid of GWX

so the windows 10 bullshit never ran on my computer… i think that’s what contributed to the weird ceip bullshit that i bitched about in the last post. but on my precious persnickety wicket’s computer, it went full on


so while troubleshooting some other troubling issues on that box, i came across this marvelous fellow’s fix for removing GWX from windows 7. not only do i like his style, but his removal method is well documented and could be followed by anyone that’s even marginally comfortable with a little registry editing.

you’re welcome.


words with zynga

dear zynga,

words with friends is the crappiest, buggiest program i’ve ever had to uninstall from my droid. i left roughly 5 games hanging (several of which where i was crushing unknown random players into the ground), annoying my awesome gf (because i forced her to start playing as well – we would play head-to-head during commercial breaks while watching criminal minds), and wasting several entire work commutes waiting for you to “update” after “fixing an error that caused a crash”.

then i found the burstlyimagecache and realized the truth. you were cheating on me. you weren’t actually “fixing” the crash, you were downloading more advertisements to display after every move. sure i hit skip every single time, but it not only didn’t deter you, it spurred you into leaving this 1m cache of adverts on my sdcard (which, by the way, is running low on space after i copied 100 cds worth of music on there as well). so not cool.

so, you’re gone, and i’m taking my sdcard space back – i’ve deleted the burstlyimagecache directory and every other thing i could find that was even vaguely associated with you (and i have root, jerkface, i can do it).

p.s.: you’re you should hook up with rhapsody. you’re both space eating, information stealing bitches that leave shit lying around. you’d be perfect for each other.

p.p.s.: this hurts me so much because i really wanted to play. but, fuck you.

p.p.p.s.: that was on a TW, so 48 points for me, fuckers.

wordpress: referring links from *.cc

an annoying new malware tactic obviously… i’m sure if you have a wordpress blog, you’ve probably seen them: 30-40 hits in a single day from a referring link somewhere in the .cc tld.

woe be unto you(r computer) if you click the link, because you are immediately redirected through several servers across multiple tlds, then asked to download an .exe file. uh huh, right. i have a feeling that if i had been using firefox or ie, it wouldn’t have bothered to ask, it would have just auto-loaded.

BEWARE, all ye wordpress admins who click the link, for naught but doom awaits.